Community and Government Leaders:

Interested in significantly enhancing criminal justice and social service program outcomes?

The nonprofit Community Building Institute (CBI) works with government and community leaders, and service providers searching for ways to improve the health, self-sufficiency and independence of youth, families and adults.

Finding cost-effective methods that significantly enhance the quality, efficiency and outcomes of a broad range of existing social service and criminal justice programs is everyone’s business — and a top priority in lean times. Community Building can make a difference.

Community Building is aligned with evidence-based practices and impacts numerous key success and criminogenic factors that are difficult or unrealistic for traditional curricula-based programs to address. Community Building helps participants remove barriers to communication and unlearn dysfunctional and unproductive attitudes and behaviors.

Specific benefits of Community Building include:

  • Provides opportunities for participants to practice healthy behaviors and pro-social skills (problem solving, anger management, self-control, empathy, etc.)
  • Creates highly effective learning environments
  • Provides opportunities for healing of trauma that affect or are linked to current behaviors and circumstances
  • Encourages participants to solve their own problems
  • Removes obstacles to effective communication and healthy relationships
  • Helps participants let go of judgments of self and others, tolerate ambiguity, deal with difficult issues and embrace change
  • Promotes understanding of group process and one’s role in its development
  • Significantly improves program outcomes such as recidivism, literacy, computer competency, job skills, parenting, etc.

CBI’s experienced staff has pioneered the use of Community Building in social service and criminal justice programs and services. We offer Community Building workshops, trainings and consultation worldwide. Our mission is to teach the skills and principles needed to create the healing and transforming experience of genuine community. We specialize in building capacity in local communities through Community Building facilitator training.

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